4 Places To Visit For A Festive Chinese New Year Meal

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2. Imperial Rama, Resorts World Genting

Stewed Bird’s Nest with Red Dates and Ginseng (left) and Double Boiled Sea Cucumber with Dried Scallop and Codonopsis Soup

One thing we love about making trips up to Genting Highlands is because of its cool weather, but what’s better is when we get to enjoy a bowl of warm soup and dessert! Imperial Rama is a fine dining restaurant specialising in authentic Thai-Chinese cuisine. We’ve personally never had the chance to dine there until this year, so while we got to try a few different dishes (like the Golden Bag stuffed with Seafood Paste and Roasted Suckling Pig Salad Burger), the two dishes that warmed our hearts (literally) were the above two.

The soup was a great starter filled with hearty and healthy ingredients that helped in calming the chill weather. We usually prefer iced-desserts, so naturally we were disappointed when the Bird’s Nest dish arrived. Turns out, we really liked it after a few mouthfuls! So if you’re planning to pay Genting a visit this coming CNY, we’d highly recommend dropping by Imperial Rama for a comforting treat.

Imperial Rama

A: 2nd floor, Maxims Hotel
Hours: 12.00pm-3.00pm (Lunch) / 6.00pm-10.00pm (Dinner)

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