4 Places To Visit For A Festive Chinese New Year Meal

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With Chinese New Year just around the corner, there’s probably two things on your mind: family and food. Thankfully, those two things go hand in hand when it comes to the lunar new year! If you’re looking to treat yourself and your family to a meal this festive month, here are our picks for a joyous Chinese New Year meal.

1. Di Wei, Empire Subang

Empire Hotel Subang’s only Chinese restaurant is tucked in a quiet corner of the adjoining Empire shopping mall. Each table is given ample space, and the private banquet rooms are generously roomy and comfortable – which made our Senior Web Writer Yi-Di seriously consider this place for her reunion dinner. Di Wei’s menu rotates on a seasonal basis, so you can look forward to new Cantonese cuisine treats as the seasons change. For the festive season of February to March, luxurious delicacies and joyous dishes take center stage.

Claypot Braised Fish And Pork Belly, Waxed Meat On Rice

You’ll be able to take your pick from over 50 dishes, ranging from the usual CNY fare like double-boiled soup and hand-made Yee Sang to old favourites given a prosperous twist like Dim Sum enriched with abalone!  Grilled Iberico Ribs with Spanish Spices. We particularly enjoyed the Claypot Braised Soon Hock Fish And Pork Belly, a hearty dish of meaty fried fish stewed until silky in a light yet savoury sauce. If you’re a fan of Chinese waxed meats – salted and preserved dried sausages and other meaty treats – you’ll adore the wonderfully fragrant Waxed Meat Rice. For a reunion dinner, 0pt for the special New Year set menus, a banquet of 10 perfectly paired dishes that’ll feed 10 people comfortably.

Di Wei

A: Level 1, Empire Shopping Gallery
T: 03-5565 1268 / 03- 5565 1388
Hours: Lunch: 11 am – 2.30 pm, Dinner: 6 – 10 pm (Monday – Saturday) / 10 am  – 10 pm (Sunday)

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