4 New Mouth-watering Dishes You HAVE To Try at Shook

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a different time with every bite you take.

Starhill Gallery, the luxury retail mall that’s known to be the ultimate stop for all things glamorous, is yet again hosting A Journey Through Time IX, Asia’s premier watch and jewellery showcase from the 20th to 27th November 2015.

While this attracts all the watch and jewellery aficionados, there’s more to the annual event than just fashion. Calling all epicures to the venue, tickle your taste buds with the specially curated menus by Chef Richard Sawyer at Feast Village’s Shook! But here’s the catch: since the showcase is only happening for eight days, so do the menus. You can definitely trust your meal (and us!) with Chef Richard, who has had 26 years of experience and worked at two Michelin-starred restaurants in London; so you know the food is going to be gooood!

Shook 1

Still wondering if it’s worth the experience? We’ve got your back. We were lucky enough to have the chance to put the food to the test – well, four out of the eight delicacies from the new menu, at least. Here’s what we have to say about them:


Seared Maine Sea Scallop, Saffron Infused Cauliflower Mousseline, Watercress, Hazelnut Vinaigrette_2

Seared Maine Sea Scallop, Saffron Infused Cauliflower Mousse line, Watercress, Hazelnut Vinaigrette, RM68

What could go wrong with a fresh and succulent sea scallop? Nothing; except for the fact that you’d want more of it! It was also lovely how the mousseline and vinaigrette did not overwhelm the taste of the perfectly seared scallop, but rather, complimented the main star of the appetizer.

Beetroot Cured Salmon, Dill Cr+¿me Fraiche, Toasted Fennel Seeds, Watercress, Lemon Zest_2

Beetroot Cured Salmon, Dill Creme Fraiche Toasted Fennel Seeds, Watercress, Lemon Zest, RM58

Cured with beetroot, this is definitely not your average salmon dish! Helping to give it its transparent appearance, the taste of the beetroot wasn’t too strong but had a sweet and tangy flavour to go with each bite.


Roasted Australian Lamb Loin, Muesli and Mint Crust with Honey, Rosemary Edamame Puree, Baked Stuffed Tomato and Balsamic Fig Glaze_2

Roasted Australian Lamb Loin, Muesli and Mint Crust Honey, Rosemary Edamame Puree, Baked Stuffed Tomato, Balsamic Fig Glaze, RM168

The moment the waiter set the plate down, we knew it was going to be one great lamb feast! The food plating was too beautiful; we had trouble figuring out how to cut and savour the dish without ruining this ‘piece of art’. What’s more, it tasted as good as it looked. With just one bite, the juicy meat gave an easy and crunchy chew from the muesli and mint crust – a sign that it was tendered to perfection.

Be sure to dip each slice with the rosemary edamame puree for a flavour that packs a punch! The added cheese tuile was also a fun addition to the dish – a crunchy munch – and the stuffed cream cheese tomato added an extra moisture to the whole plating.


Baked Fillet of Cod Herb Risotto, Green Asparagus, Australian Mussels, Saffron Cream_2

Baked Fillet of Cod Herb Risotto, Green Asparagus, Australian Mussels, Saffron Cream, RM138

This was, hands down, one of our favourites of the night! The fresh fillet of cod was baked to perfection. It has just enough crisp at the top and was so juicy on the flesh that it just melted in the mouth – literally! As cod fish usually have a light texture, it went beautifully with the flavourful herb risotto and saffron cream that you won’t mind eating another bite even after you’ve finished your meal. It’s simply a dish made in heaven.


Be sure not to miss out on these amazingly crafted dishes at Feast Village’s Shook; so do make a reservation to try out the new A Journey Through Time IX À La Carte Menu. Only available for a limited time from 20th – 27th November 2015. Since we only got to taste four amazing delicacies from the menu, do give us your verdict of the other four if you try them!