4 Best Pasar Malams To Go To in Petaling Jaya

PLUS, our top three food finds from each of them!



Did you know there are two night markets in SS2 alone? The other one is at SS2 Chow Yang on Thursdays. This one, on the other hand, is situated right around the SS2 food court and if you grew up in PJ, you’d know this is THE place to be every Monday night. From 5 to 10pm, tons of people would flood the roads of SS2/6 on a foodie mission.

That aside, this is also the place to get affordable goods such as phone covers, slippers, accessories and household essentials – including groceries like fruits, vegetables and pastries (we spotted many aunties stocking up on these).

While it’s definitely going to be crowded, hot and a pain to find parking, don’t let those stop you from visiting one of the biggest pasar malam in the Klang Valley.


Cupido Macaron Ice Cream, RM5 or RM9

Cheer with us if you have a sweet tooth too! ‘Cos macaron ice cream sandwiches are starting to become a ‘thing’ and they’re probably the sweetest slash yummiest invention ever invented! There are two sizes (RM5 for S and RM9 for XXL) and you can choose from eight different ice cream flavours (chocolate, mint, strawberry, vanilla Oreo, matcha, passion fruit, mango and durian).


Fresh Fruit Juice, RM5.50

Take a break from all the heaty fried foods and try the local juice stall. We assure you that this juice is the answer (the kind aunty from the stall couldn’t stop reiterating the benefits of drinking freshly pressed juice either). Our fave was the Apple + Ambra combo — refreshing and thirst-quenching.


Stadium Popiah, from RM4.60 – RM20.70

Managed by a husband-wife duo, this stall is quite the attaction! We waited about 15 minutes for our order and it sure didn’t disappoint. Filled generously with various types of shredded vegetables, crispy condiments, chicken meat and a combo of sweet dark soy sauce and chilli sauce (you can request for non-spicy as well), this is the ultimate popiah fix!



Compared to the others listed here, this one is a very small pasar malam considering it’s only held from one end of Jalan SS4C/5 to the other; and it’s just a two-minute walk.

You’ll find the usual stalls selling fruits, vegetables, dried condiments, baked goods, clothes, food, electronic accessories and more. The one downside of this night market is the limited beverage stalls.

The best time to visit this pasar malam is around 6pm when all the stalls are up and ready for your patronage. They close quite early though — 9pm.

For those wanting to grab a quick bite without long food hunting walks, this is the perfect night market for you!



A good asam laksa is one that has the perfect balance of all the required tastes: sweet, sour and spicy. And this stall definitely fulfilled it with its smooth rice noodle in rich gravy and topped with a generous amount of fish chunks — all for just RM5 (small). If you’re a fish lover, order the big bowl (RM6) for extra fish chunks!


SATAY, 10 sticks for RM7

Chicken, beef or both? It’s completely up to you. A stick consists of four cubes of chicken/beef that have been so well marinated that you can still taste a bit of the juiciness after taking a bite off the skewer. Served with peanut sauce, it really can taste even better!



Sweet, savoury and fresh from the griddle, this apon balik totally melted our hearts. The cripsy crust gave the perfect crunch with just one bite. Filled with peanuts, sweet corn and coconut, it makes the perfect after-work snack that will go great with a glass of teh O’ ais.



Sitting exactly on Jalan Teknologi 3/6A with stalls taking up two sides of the roads, you’ll know you’ve arrived at this pasar malam when you find a landmark with the sign that says “THE CORE”.

While there are some decent clothing stalls and the usual groceries, the variety of food sold there is HUGE, ranging from roti bom to kuey teow to nasi campur to takoyaki to kuih muih.

As it’s another pasar malam that closes as early as 9pm, be sure to go sometime after 5pm — that’s when they usually start setting up their stalls.



We wanted to order the chocolate pau but it was already sold out by 6.30pm. That was a good enough sign that we had to try something from this stall. The pau kaya was a good munch and watching the hot kaya ooze out when we tore it in half made it even us salivate even more. Also, we loved how soft and fluffy the bun was. Other available flavours include coconut, red bean, sardine and chicken.



These steamed cakes made from rice flour encased with gula melaka and topped with grated coconut left our taste buds craving for more with each bite. The only downside was that it’s a little dry with the rice flour.



Pita or bread? Either way, it will still go well with this stall’s juicy and tender chicken kebab. It almost tasted like satay but with added onions and homemade sauce on top.


Unfortunately, we got a little too excited in exploring this big pasar malam that we forgot to take a “scenic” photo. It was probably also because we had a more enjoyable walk at our own pace without people pushing us since it wasn’t as packed as SS2.

Situated around the Ming Tien food court and Taman Megah badminton court, you’ll find a variety of stalls selling food from char kuih kak to BBQ oysters to cakes! Like the others, they begin setting up at around 5pm but close when they’ve sold out or at 10pm. 


Kuih Bahulu, RM1

A favourite of many, these ones are specially shaped into most of our loved childhood cartoon characters! We don’t know about you but just the sight of it made us squirm with joy inside like a little kid. By the way, don’t be afraid to order more as it’s RM4 for six pieces and RM6 for 10 pieces.


Thai BBQ Pork, RM3

Doesn’t this make your mouth water just by looking at it? We know ours did! Situated right at the back exit of the Taman Megah food court, this stall sells a wide variety of pork satays, sausages (RM3.50) and grilled corn (RM3). Every bite of its juicy, tender meat brings us back fond memories of Thailand.


Soft Creme Ice-Cream, RM6

What better way to wind down after a food hunt than something sweet and cooling? A few stalls away from the Thai BBQ Pork stall is this adorable Polar Bear ice cream truck — you can’t miss it as it has a giant ice cream cone in front of it. You get to choose from the flavours of the day (it varies from week to week) and get up to five free toppings for each cup! Talk about tough choices.


Did we miss out on your regular pasar malam that deserves a visit from us? Tweet us @femalemag to let us know! In the meantime, why not check out these 7 amazing food trucks you should ‘chase’ in the Klang Valley? We’re also raving about pisang goreng cheese and the best places to get them.