3 Things To Get From The New KitKat Chocolatory

Move over Willy Wonka. We’ve got ourselves a new favourite!

Photo: FB @KitKatMalaysia

Photo: FB @KitKatMalaysia  

I had the chance to visit KitKat Malaysia’s first-ever customised chocolate experience concept store in Mid Valley Megamall (at the Centre Court opposite Baskin Robbins) last Saturday and I couldn’t have been more excited about it! Having seen pictures of its pop-up store in London and its other chocolatory in Tokyo made the grand opening of this store in our home ground a pretty big deal.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a big chocolate lover. So to be given the opportunity to create my own version of the iconic Nestle chocolate-coated wafer fingers (for a fee of course, RM22.50 to be exact) was absolutely thrilling! Let’s just say, if you’re a chocoholic like me, there’s a 101% chance that you’ll not leave the store empty-handed.

1. Go local

Say hi to Durian and Nasi Lemak flavour Kit Kat?? #kitkatdurian #kitkatnasilemak

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If you’re wondering what a localised KitKat tastes like, then here’s your chance. There are tons of ready-to-buy, special-edition flavours available over the counter, and they’d make great gifts for when you have guests visiting from overseas. Some of the flavours I recommend: the Traditional Malaysian Nasi Lemak and Café Latte with Cookies & Cream.


2. Wicked Ruby

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If you’re a fan of those mini KitKat Rubies (think the usual Kitkat wafers but covered with chocolate truffle cream and roasted hazelnut pieces instead) like me, then this is for you! The store has a machine that allows customers to customise their box upon purchasing. I think that’s pretty awesome considering there’s no better way to declare my love for them than to have it in writing.


3. Do it yourself

Make your own KitKat #kitkat #haveabreakhaveakitkat #kitkatchocolatory #stratford #london

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Here’s where most customers generally make a beeline for since the personalising stations are pretty hard to miss. All you need to do is choose the type of chocolate you want (dark, milk or white) and proceed to pick three ingredients out of 16 choices for your filling (I chose dried cranberries, rich chocolate cookies and crunchy and chewy caramel). Once you’re done, the tablet will prompt you to select a packaging design and you’ll have the option to customise it with your name and message. To top it off, you can even get your picture taken for it to be printed on the side. Side note: you’ll have to wait at least an hour for it to be done, so make sure you plan your visit well so you don’t end up waiting too long.


Tadaa! My (and my fiancé’s) own personalised KitKat box!

Tadaa! My (and my fiancé’s) own personalised KitKat box!


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