The Best Place To Brighten Your Complexion | FEMALE SPA AWARDS 2018

Light & bright!

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Celmonze Celwhite Whitening Treatment (105 Minutes), RM480

It’s a scary world we live in today. The combo of heavy pollution and UV rays produces free radicals that generate oxidative stress, which leads to pigmentation, dull skin and an uneven skin tone. And that’s just what happens to our faces!

To better counter the effects of the environment, apart from reinforcing your sun protection, give this a try. Using a perfect blend of ingredients such as Vitamin B3 combined with the illuminating wonder of alpha arbutin, antioxidants, minerals and 15 plants extracts, the Celwhite Whitening Treatment works to renew, rejuvenate and rebalance your skin tone for a luminous glow. The treatment also features Celmonze’s Whitening Ampoule, which contains niacinaminde to fade acne scars and stimulate collagen. After 90 minutes of pure relaxation in a mint green and white-interior room, you’ll see an immediate brighter complexion. After that, the responsibility is on you to maintain a top-notch skincare regimen!


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