#FEMALEChallenge: Vasenta Takes On The Vegan Challenge

This month, we were challenged by reader Reese Ong Bee Bee to go vegan for a week! So four FEMALE team members will be taking turns to do a full vegan diet for a week and we can tell you now: you’re going to want to find out how we fared! Head to our Instagram page for more each week!
This week, Lifestyle and Features Editor Vasenta reports back on her attempt at the one-week vegan challenge.
Vasenta’s Vegan Diary:

When I first read about veganism and tried to understand why they avoided all forms of meat, I was really impressed and touched. It’s rare to find people out there that would make such drastic changes to their lifestyles for a greater cause.

Then I was challenged to go vegan for a week. Once again, I salute whoever who is able to do this long-term because spoiler: I can’t and I admit I failed miserably in this. While my other colleagues were able to do it at least for a few days, I wasn’t even able to do it for a full day.

In my quest to look for vegan food, I also realised – like my colleagues did – that vegan options and replacements can actually be quite expensive in Malaysia. Being the person I am, I wasn’t willing to spend more than RM5 on a meal (unless it’s something I’m really craving). But having said that, Indian cuisine makes vegan food quite accessible – the only probelm was that I always eat too much rice when I eat Indian, and that makes me sleepy! Not the best if I needed to get work done in the office.

To cope with the difficulty of finding vegan options and balancing my demanding work, I ended up ordering my normal food and just removing the animal products from it. It may have 100% captured the point of going vegan but at this point I just wanted to see how my body would physically cope with a vegan diet. It also saved me a whole load of time and energy!

As an aside, a friend once told me that our bodies take up to three weeks to adjust to any new dietary changes we’re making. Since this challenge was only for a week, I felt extremely tired and demotivated to even move from my seat from the first day I went fully vegan without meat, eggs, or dairy.

The Verdict:

Conclusion is, I don’t think I’m ever going to attempt being a vegan again. Being a vegetarian is pretty easy for me because I have done that for a good eight months. I even managed to do the no-sugar diet for an entire month! But going 100% vegan is just a little too much for me, personally. Hats off to all the vegans out there.

Now we want your help: share your best vegan recipe with us for a chance to win our September #FEMALEChallenge!