#FEMALEChallenge: Rachel Does Drama For The Big Makeover Challenge!

Special Projects Writer Rachel steps out of her comfort zone with a fierce, sultry look.

What exactly is the #FEMALEChallenge?

This year, we want to challenge ourselves to do all sorts of things. There’ll be challenges both physical and mental, as well as some suggestions from you, our dear readers! We’ll be sharing our attempts on social media and we want to see you participate as well. So be sure to follow us and submit your entries because our favourites will win prizes and be featured online!

What’s happening this month?

New year, new look! There’s no better time to experiment with your look and try things a little out of your comfort zone, as our own writers did in this issue’s Make Me Over pages! They decided to ditch the basic for something a little more #extra, like our Special Projects Writer Rachel did with this fierce, sultry look.

To play up your eyes like Rachel did, sweep the outer parts of the eyelids with a shimmery burnt red as the base. Then, create a gradient of lilac to dark purple from the inner corners to the outer part of the eyes. Then don’t forget to match with a equally strong lip! When going with a strong colour, always start by lining the lips before filling them in. To achieve a defined look, use a liquid lipstick and make sure your hand is steady.

Here’s what she thought of the finished look:

“Because of my sensitive skin, I’m afraid to play with heavy makeup or use multiple products. There was once I tried on a new foundation and my skin was so irritated that whiteheads popped up in groups. Gah! On a daily basis, I only polish my brows and wear mascara before I’m out of the house for work. Even on a night out, I always wear my makeup safe and minimal. Seeing how I was able to pull off a look this badass and not have any skin issues, I’m totally considering a change in my makeup game. It even gave me a confident stride when I met up with my friends for dinner after this shoot and it felt really good!”

– Rachel

Now we want to see your brave new looks.

How to participate:

  1. Share a photo of yourself wearing the most out-there beauty look you dare! It can be a daring haircut, a crazy new shade of lipstick, a new eyeliner style… the sky’s the limit!
  2. Post it on Instagram, tag us @femalemag and hashtag #femalechallenge #femalemakeoverchallenge so we can see it. Extra points if you tell us more about your look in your caption!
  3. Submissions close 31 January 2018. We’ll feature our favourite entries on femalemag.com.my next month!