#FEMALEChallenge: Ilicia Goes Wild For The Big Makeover Challenge!

It’s going to be a year of challenges here at FEMALE!

What exactly is the #FEMALEChallenge?

This year, we want to challenge ourselves to do all sorts of things. There’ll be challenges both physical and mental, as well as some suggestions from you, our dear readers! We’ll be sharing our attempts on social media and we want to see you participate as well. So be sure to follow us and submit your entries because our favourites will win prizes and be featured online!

What’s happening this  month?

New year, new look! There’s no better time to experiment with your look and try things a little out of your comfort zone, as our own writers did in this issue’s Make Me Over pages! They decided to ditch the basic for something a little more #extra, like our Special Projects Writer Ilicia did with this wild mermaid-inspired look, complete with ocean-hued hair!

Ilicia took inspo from the ocean and ran on the wild side with this look, which features shimmery smoked out eyes and attention-grabbing blue ombre locks. Bold berry lips provide a stunning contrast. Here’s what she thought:

“I’ve had my fair share of hair colours but they’ve always been light washes of purples and pinks. I had reservations changing it to blue and green cos I felt that such loud hues wouldn’t complement my skin tone and might just drown me. As I sat down on the stylist’s chair at Shawn Cutler, I told celebrity stylist Shawn Loong himself that he can have complete creative control over how my hair looks. After sitting (not so) patiently for a good five hours, I was pleasantly surprised by the combo of ashy and vivid tones. As for the makeup? I wanted my new hair colour to be the focal point so I opted for something bronzy but still kept the lips rather bold.”

– Ilicia

Watch the video below to see the makeover in action and don’t forget to pick up the print issue for more details on exactly how they got the look!

Now we want to see your brave new looks.

How to participate:

  1. Share a photo of yourself wearing the most out-there beauty look you dare! It can be a daring haircut, a crazy new shade of lipstick, a new eyeliner style… the sky’s the limit!
  2. Post it on Instagram, tag us @femalemag and hashtag #femalechallenge #femalemakeoverchallenge so we can see it. Extra points if you tell us more about your look in your caption!
  3. Submissions close 31 January 2018. We’ll feature our favourite entries on femalemag.com.my next month!