#FEMALEChallenge: Amalina Goes Vegan For A Week

This month, we were challenged by reader Reese Ong Bee Bee to go vegan for a week! So four FEMALE team members will be taking turns to do a full vegan diet for a week and we can tell you now: you’re going to want to find out how we fared! Head to our Instagram page for more each week!
This week, our Fashion Writer Amalina reports back on her attempt at a vegan week.
Amalina’s Vegan Diary:
Before heading off for my trip to San Francisco, I knew I had to finish my 7-day #FEMALEGoesVeganChallenge ASAP! I mean…  Mexican food and good gourmet burgers were practically calling my name.

On Monday, I had a long day of picking up loans all over town so I started my first vegan day off strong with oatmeal, berries and almond milk. Now that’s not what I’d usually opt for since I’m a huge fan of eggs for breakfast almost everyday. So when I found out being vegan involved being prepared physically and mentally, I wasn’t sure what I signed up for when I found out I couldn’t eat eggs at all.

As I went on with my day as usual, I realised this was going to be a struggle. Why? Just because I would usually get snacks or a hearty dish (like prawn noodles!) for lunch and this time round, I couldn’t do all of that. For my first vegan lunch, I went for a vegetarian Japanese meal  of miso udon noodle soup with seaweed and a side of fried mushrooms.

But guess what? Like Rachel, I had no idea those fried mushrooms would make me fail. We both didn’t realise that there’s egg in tempura batter!

On the second day, I noticed my body was already starting to feel weak without my regular dosage of meat. But the show had to go on. I had another round of oatmeal just cause I needed something fast and easy– and deep inside I was already clueless as to what meals I should prep!

Thankfully, lunch was easier this time round cos I went for a bowl of rice, soup vegetables and my fave, tempeh! My mum made it easier for dinner as well by cooking tempeh and roasted broccoli on the side with rice yet again. So I was safe!

Let’s just say with the amount of work and photoshoots I had to do on Wednesday and Thursday, the diet was one of the last things on my mind. Firstly, it was hard to find a good vegan restaurant nearby our office or nearby my house in general.

I had this hearty plate of avocado toast at a neighborhood cafe for lunch after picking up loans but had to sadly give my hard-boiled egg to my BFF instead. It was a struggle to see it leave my plate.

Sadly, I had to gave up on the challenge on Friday because I was starting to feel sick without meat in my diet.

The Verdict:

It was a fail for me, for sure, and I don’t think I will ever go back to being vegan. I wouldn’t mind going vegetarian for a while, but having no dairy is a deal-breaker for me.As a fashion writer, I don’t think I have time at all and it’s pretty physically demanding. It additionally tough to  analyse and ask from each restaurant about what oil was used and requesting detailed information about each dish. And that’s not forgetting that eating vegan is pricey (Protein replacements like nuts and almond milk are really expensive!) and you need valuable time to prep a vegan-friendly meal every single day.  Attending events – which don’t often serve vegan food – makes it hard to stay fuelled on the job, and I miss the ease of quick snacks and food delivery between picking up loans and long nights at the office.

Now we want your help: share your best vegan recipe with us for a chance to win our September #FEMALEChallenge!