Yuna is Collaborating an Exclusive Collection with Hatta Dolmat

The Malaysian singer-songwriter is now a triple threat as she co-designs with local fashion designer for a collection out this month.

Yuna and Hatta Dolmat

Photo: hattaxyuna/Instagram

My, oh, my. No one is stopping Yuna this year, are they? Expect the 29 year old taking 2016 by storm because the Malaysian singer-songwriter and bad-ass chick is in the works of collaborating a collection with local designer Hatta Dolmat.

“Working on Hatta x Yuna was a lot of fun because it’s a collaboration between two friends,” said Yuna. “I’ve known Hatta for a very long time and I’ve worked with him and I love his designs. I just wanted to come up with something fun and floral. We both know what we like and we both know what looks good on women.” The collection is named as HattaxYuna

Last year, Yuna was the face to front Hatta Dolmat’s campaign for KL Fashion Week RTW 2015, and this year Yuna is being the co-captain of the ship on collaborating a collection that will exclusively released on Fashion Valet sometime this month! 

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“I wanted to bring that to the table, we wanted to share that with women all over the world and not just Malaysian women,” she added. “Everybody can just embrace the beautiful, colourful collection that we have. It’s a lot of fun working with your friend; you get to be creative and you know, you get to laugh and just have fun and hopefully everyone can feel the same way too.”

Yuna’s personal style has always been a favourite amongst her Malaysians fans, even her global fans. So does this mean we’ll be expecting to see plenty of either bomber jackets, prints, colours, florals and super chic leather pieces? Looks like we know what to do with our pay day money now!