Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017: The Verdict Is In!

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Who fell, who retired, who made a comeback, who got the best look, who the fifth musical guest was and more!

Legs for days!
Photo: Victoria’s Secret

After all the buildup and all the hype, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is finally airing tonight (Wednesday, 29th Nov) at 11pm on FOX Life (Astro CH711 and CH722)!

Honestly, even though I had the opportunity to watch it live (thanks VS Malaysia!), I seriously can’t wait to see the final edit of the show on TV and it’s mainly due to these three reasons:

1. After witnessing the taping with my own eyes, I realised that the edited-for-TV version (from the years before) actually looked way cooler. Hence why I definitely can’t wait to see how this year’s show is going to pan out.

2. The arena where the show was held at is really big (3,400 guests attended the show that night), so I didn’t really get an up-close view of the angels walking the runway from where I sat.

Fun fact: In previous years, Victoria’s Secret have always had the show in two settings (1,200 guests for one session and 1,700 guests for the other). But because the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai was so big, they only had to do the show once this year.

3. I just really want to re-live that evening one more time (even if it means having to do so through my television screen).

Anyway, enough about what I want cos it’s time to give you what you came here to read – the goss on all things angels! We’ve already revealed what you needed to know about this year’s fantasy bra, I’ve also shared what happened backstage in Shanghai, but for what went down during the show itself, you’ll just have to click next to find out…

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