UNIQLO’s Batik Motif Collection Is Back For 2018!

One of UNIQLO’s most charming limited collections is back for its second year!

Good news everyone! If you remember in 2016, UNIQLO surprised us all with its first batik collection. If you missed out, don’t worry because they’ve just announced that it will be back for 2018! Featuring traditional textiles that harmonize cultural heritage with modern elements, the 2018 Spring/Summer Batik Motif Collection for men and women will launch 23rd March in stores across Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

The collection was inspired by the diversity of Indonesian cultural motifs, such as Sido, Ceplokan and Kembang. And of course, the pieces are all designed, crafted and produced in Indonesia while preserving the beauty and characteristics of traditional Batik motifs.

This year, the Batik Motif collection boasts more traditional patterns and a more modern style to suit younger customers. Keep your eyes peeled for an extensive lineup of items, including stand collar shirts for men, while the women’s line will feature frilled sleeves and ruffled blouses for more feminine accents.

Through the Batik Motif collection, UNIQLO aims to increase awareness of Indonesia’s cultural treasure among younger generations around the region. Each of the patterns chosen by UNIQLO have their own special meaning as well. The Sido patterns in the collection represent hope, while the Ceplokan motif represents the need for unity. The Kembang motif features beautiful flora imagery that symbolizes human life. We can’t wait to check them out in stores on March 23!