Uniqlo Malaysia Partners With Fugeelah For A Seriously Good Cause!

“It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes the world to raise children.”

Photo: Uniqlo Malaysia

Former Miss Universe beauty, Deborah Henry couldn’t have said that quote better herself. If you’re not familiar with Fugeelah, we think it’s time you get to know them.

The Fugee school founded by Deborah herself is a non-profit social enterprise to provide a safe space for children to come together by exploring their passion through academic and creativity skills.

With goal in mind, she then expanded her motion to create Fugeelah; a curated assortment of lifestyle accessories designed and produced by refugee children and women from marginal Malaysian communities. And now they’re collaborating with a global brand like Uniqlo to create a range of  special edition tees to raise funds for the refugee children!

As a collaborative project among students, five designs were chosen and will be sold on Uniqlo’s online store starting this Friday, 20th of July retailing at RM59.90. The best part? All proceeds will be contributed to Fugee School to continue its stand for education for the refugee children. Talk about fashion with a cause!

Of course, Deborah  is beyond excited to see their designs come to life and is looking forward to seeing their t-shirts on the streets– and so are we.

Get your hands on them tomorrow  and wear ’em loud & proud!

"The crossword puzzle artwork symbolises the important connection between using our head, hands and heart as a guide to use in everything we do"

Designed by Shuhd Nashwan.

"The inspiration for this artwork came from a street art workshop the designer attended."

Designed by Humudi Ibrahim.

"The design features heart as a sign of love, the lamp as a sign of education and the globe where we live to acquire knowledge."

Designed by Asma Abdirahim.

"The designer calls this artwork "Think with your heart" and her message is to put yourselves in another shoes to understand their journey."

Designed by Shamila Ibrahim

"The message of this artwork is that regardless of challenges and difficulties surrounding us, love will be there to rise over everything else and win."

Designed by Wahib Awes Sheik.