Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Get the dos and don’ts to finding the perfect shades! Yes, it does make a difference.


Believe it or not, knowing our face and body shape plays a big part in helping us look our best because when we pick the wrong pieces, they can actually reduce the appeal of our look and figure. So technically, when you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, remember: it’s not you, it’s the clothing. And it’s not the right one for you.

The same applies to your trusty pair of shades! Just like in the business of bangs, there are sunglasses that will work for your face shape and those that won’t, and it turns out, this ‘secret’ has been out since the 1970s! We uncovered the guide in female‘s April 1976 issue, and here are some of the best tips we extracted from the story!


ROUND face 
DO:  DON’T: 
Bold square frames are the best. Sunglasses with curving lines.
BONUS: Long necklaces and V-necks make a flattering choice for your face shape. BONUS: Round necklines and accessories are not so complementary.


DO:  DON’T: 
Choose sunnies with a geometric shape. Overly large or heavy ones will make your jaw look even smaller.
BONUS: Having side-swept bangs will help minimise the width at the forehead. Frames that sweep upwards at the sides are a no-no as it’ll only emphasise the big slant from the chin to the temple.



OBLONG face 
DO:  DON’T: 
A wide, wrap-around frame is the best for you as it will make your face appear shorter than it really is. Thin wire frames or rimless ones “will do nothing for the oblong face”.
BONUS: Bangs are totes your thing! BONUS: Avoid deep V-necklines, long earrings and necklaces; it only makes your face look longer.


Soften the strong shape of your face with large frames (but not square-shaped ones). Small or delicate type of sunnies will look ‘lost’ on a square face.
If you choose rounded sunglasses, be sure that it has wide frames. BONUS: Loop and dangly earrings will help your face appear longer (and less boxy).


Check out the retro looks in that article from 1976!


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