7 Ways to Dress Like female Magazine’s Editor

We hate to brag, but Ed Terry Saw truly has style!

Ever wondered what fashion magazine editors dress like from day to day? Wonder no more then because we made her pose compiled seven of Editor Terry Saw’s recent #OOTDs to bring you this mini glimpse of her wardrobe and style (along with some tips)!

1. Florals are a timeless trend but wear it on pants and you’ve got more edgy than girly.

female magazine editor terry fashion1

2. Little details, big statements.

female magazine editor terry fashion4

3. Monochrome always works — upgrade it with a pair of statement shoes!

female magazine editor terry fashion3

4. Or a gorgeous statement bag.

female magazine editor terry fashion6

5. Sweaters look best with a collared top underneath. Try a denim one!

female magazine editor terry fashion5

6. Also, a simple statement top says EVERYTHING!

female magazine editor terry fashion7

7. And while on vacation, style is still possible. Read: a printed kimono cardi.

photo 4(1)

Get more awesome fashion tips and other extra goodies in female’s October issue — this month is ALL about accessories!

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