4 YouTube Thrift Shoppers You NEED to Follow

Out with the old, in with the new. 

denim to the 9s - FEMALE

Thrift shopping has gained popularity in the last couple of years and we cannot be more happy about it! Other than acquiring unique pieces through the experience, you get bigger bang for the buck.

Youtubers like Jenn Im (better known as Clothesencounters) and Stephanie and Melissa from The Fashion Citizen may be the first to claim “TOP thrift shopper” status, but here are four other lesser-known thrifters with an insane style who you can follow. Who says you gotta spend a fortune to look this good?

Check out our top 4 thrift shoppers on their social media and YouTube channel for a daily dose of fashion inspiration down below!

The Line Up
These Swedish duo are always on point when it comes to piecing outfits together. Their style is a combination of casual and comfy with a statement flare! You’d be surprised by how most of their thrifted items can easily be mistaken for a designer brand.

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Steal The Spotlight
Katie is an Australian based Youtuber and blogger who probably has any woman’s dream wardrobe. Not only does she have an eye for vintage and high-fashion pieces, she’s our girl when it comes to discussing new and old trends!

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To The 9s
Double the trouble! Another duo we look up to for thrift shopping tips and inspo are no other than Cassie and Ricci. They make vintage pieces look modern and oh-so chic. Check out their social media and YouTube channel, and you would know what we’re talking about!

She may be petite, but her talent is anything but little! She can really turn straw into gold – re-sewing some of her picked thrifted items into dresses and trendy pieces we’ve been eyeing for double the price. If you always had a love for sewing, learn from April on how you can turn an old clothing into something new.

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