This Is The Actual Way To Pronounce Versace

We’ve been saying it all wrong.

How do you pronounce Versace? Most likely, you say it like it is in THAT Bruno Mars song: Ver-sa-chi. Or maybe even Ver-sa-chay, if you’re feeling fancy!

Turns out it’s neither of those things.

As revealed by Donatella Versace herself (or as any Italian-speaker may have told you), it’s actually Ver-sa-che, with a short e (like in meh) and not an i (like in Ferrari) the way Bruno Mars sings it.

Donatella and an impressive stable of diverse, international models school us in the proper way to pronounce the famous brand in an Instagram video, which is actually part of their Fall/Winter18 campaign.

We’ll never be able to listen to Bruno Mars the same way again.