These Embellished Tights Socks Will Make You Feel Like A Fairytale!

It’s time you take your stockings game to the next level!

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Who would have thought fishnet stockings could look so pretty? And who would have thought to use tulle as stockings? Well, you can always count on young, underrated designers to upgrade plain non-essential pieces like these into unique and trendy must-haves!

More specifically, Lirika Matoshi, a New York based designer, who creates whimsical tulle and fishnet tights (among other things) adorned with beads, sequins and glitter making one feel like they’re in wonderland. She rose to fame just by putting flowers on her fishnets, and posting it on her Instagram after being rejected from Fashion Institute of Technology – she immediately had people asking if she could sell them. Fast forward to today, she now has music icons like Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora and Dua Lipa in contact with her to wear her creations.

She has even collaborated with designer Emanuel Ungaro to create customized bejeweled stockings for his SS18 collection showcased during Paris Fashion Week.

The artist takes inspiration from the outdoors, e.g. plants, the starry sky, fruits and even insects like ladybugs to create beautiful stockings. It’s honestly really hard to choose a favourite when every thing is so gorgeous!

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Every creation is precisely detailed and carefully embellished on whether it’s in clusters or individually fixed. She sells them on Etsy, between $80 to $350 along with sweaters, tops, costume jewelry and lingerie.

We know for sure this isn’t the last or only items we’ll be seeing from her as she’s reportedly in talks with Converse to create embellished shoes. So while we wait for those, we’ll just sit here and admire everything she’s put up on her Instagram.

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