The Transforming Infinity Wedding Gown Is The Only Dress You’ll Need On Your Big Day

How many of you fantasised about your dream wedding gown? But the truth, like most weddings, is not always so simple.

Most weddings don’t involve just one dream gown, but many! Yes, I’m talking about the infamous dress changes. From the ceremony to the reception and even in the middle of the meal, it isn’t uncommon to see brides change dresses a number of times.

If stepping in and out of fancy gowns doesn’t sound like something you want to wrangle with on your big day, you’re going to love this invention from fashion brand byMeichi.

Named the Infinity Wedding Gown, this collection of bridal gowns by Malaysian fashion designer Meichi Phoon allows its wearer to create multiple interchangeable looks for different sessions of their wedding day! Each of the three inventive custom-fit base gowns can be in worn different ways, with variations in the looks achieved through the use of a few modular add-ons.

The Lady is a clasically flowing chiffon gown which can be transformed with a number of lace and tulle overlays on the sleeves and neckline.

The Mademoiselle is a sexier, more modern cut featuring a plunging back and high slit that can be made more demure by the addition of tulle sleeves or other lace overlays.

Finally, the Signorina is something quite different: a short, strapless tulip-cut dress that can be modified by a variety of skirts and tulle sleeves.


Watch the Infinity Wedding Gown in action below:

Prices for these base dresses range from RM1,399 to RM3,999. Prices of the dress modifiers range from RM899 to RM1,999. Visit for more information and photos. Brides-to-be looking to meet Meichi for a personalised design consultation can contact the studio at 010-5663410. A new byMeichi atelier will be opened in Sunway Geo come August 2018.