The Key To The Timeless Success Of Pandora’s Charms Is Exactly What You’d Expect

Some things are priceless, like jewellery that carries sentimental value. And few other jewellery brands know this as intimately as Pandora does. We spoke to Kenneth Madsen, Pandora’s President of Asia Pacific and Australia to learn more about the brand’s take on jewellery’s more sentimental side.

FEMALE: You’ve spent almost nine years with Pandora. What’s the highlight of your career so far?

Kenneth: Starting the business in Eastern Europe was very interesting for me as there was literally nothing– there wasn’t a single Pandora store, so it was amazing to open the first doors to the first customers. Coming to Asia has also been a huge experience for me because despite the different cultures and fashion trends, ultimately all women like jewellery, regardless of where they’re from.

F: Does Pandora keep up with these fashion trends?

K: Pandora isn’t a fashion-forward company. Sure, we look at colours and what’s trending in the fashion scene, but we also find out what’s happening in society. We get our inspiration from many different places and the (what) campaign is a good example. Right now, women empowerment is very on-trend, and we think it’s the right time to stand up for it and encourage women to stand up for themselves.

F: How does Pandora stand out from other jewellery brands that sell charms?

K: One of the key things about Pandora is our emotional connection. We’re neither fashion forward nor trendsetters, but we make sure there is an emotional connection with our jewellery. You can walk into a Pandora store and purchase something to remind you of an important milestone in your life. That’s the unique thing about Pandora, and that’s a big part of our success.

F: Buying jewellery for yourself is fine, but jewellery gifting can often be tricky. Any advice on avoiding hiccups?

K: When you think about Pandora, it’s a lot about jewellery that carries a special meaning. So even if it’s not in the right colour or design, you can get away with gifting a piece of jewellery if it has the right meaning.

F: If you were a piece of Pandora jewellery, what would you be and why?

K: I would be the silver heart because I have a  big heart for the business. I love what I do!

F: What’s next for the brand? Anything exciting coming up?

K: If you enter our Pavilion store, you’ll find all our new collections on the right side, including some beautiful blue baubles and a rose collection featuring romantic pieces and charms.

From the print edition. Text by Joanna Pinto. To keep up with Pandora Malaysia, follow them on their website and Facebook.