How To Tell If That Designer Bag You’re Buying Is The Real Deal

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Photography: pinterest

In the past, spotting fake bags wasn’t that hard. Somehow you could always tell the product was not a designer original– cheap or fake leather, misspelt logos and bad hardware were dead giveaways. But with technology and more detailed copycats, it’s kind of hard to tell which is which. And it’s even trickier when it comes to online shopping.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to buy only from legit sources. Actual physical stores or online retailers featured in magazines or acknowledged by the designers themselves are a safe bet. But be careful when it comes to online auction sites, cos it’s not always easy to determine the authenticity of the goods. Don’t be easily fooled even if they labelled it ‘authentic’ or ‘genuine’, you still have to double check cos it might be a rip-off. You can always look up reviews for potential sellers before taking the plunge. Remeber that when you have the legit goods, you can actually resell it and get a good hefty amount for it!

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