How Are We Supposed To Wear This Questionable ASOS Glasses Cum Earrings?

This particular fashion item by ASOS went viral a few days ago and it’s for a very puzzled reason. People have a couple of questions in mind when they see this glasses that double as hoop earrings. We’re calling it the ‘GLARINGS’! Instead of having the normal straight arms to hook over your ears, this one is replaced with fine chains with hoop earrings dangling at the end.

Well, the concept is kind of cool for like music festivals and the likes but we want to know – ‘how do you wear it?’, ‘how practical is it?’ and ‘why?’.

So you’re meant to put the glasses on the bridge of your nose and hook the string over your ear and let the ‘earrings’ dangle. They’re offering this bizarre glasses in two designs one being the nerdy clear glasses and other a sunny both in that retro round frames.

This is, after all, a costume accessory and we know not all of them are made for practicality or have a reasonable reason for it.

Well ASOS hasn’t made any statement to back up their product so we’ll just leave you guys to try it out. If you’re interested, the ASOS Round Geeky Glasses with Clear Lens & Hoop Earrings is currently selling for £16.00 (RM90). Let us what you think of this – yay or nay?

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