Pestle & Mortar Went ‘As Above, So Below’ This Season!

(Photography: Pestle & Mortar)

In conjunction with #MultiFlexFriday, home-grown label, Pestle & Mortar partnered with Prasarana Malaysia and SOCAR to bring a touch of fun to our daily commutes with their latest Fall/Winter campaign: ‘As Above, So Below‘!

The #MultiFlexFriday campaign will continue to run throughout the year to surprise commuters with live music, dances and even stand-up comedies to make your trips worthwhile! Sounds fun right?

“We cling to memories as if they define us, but… they really don’t. What we do is what defines us.”

What’s even better is that Pestle & Mortar gave us the ride of our lives to celebrate the launch of the campaign – and it was def memorable to say the least. Imagine this: music blasting and models strutting in a moving LRT! Yes, you read that right. From Kelana Jaya to Pasar Seni Station – PMC enlightened us with the coolest runway show in our books! 

With their ‘As Above, So Below’ collection, the brand explored space where darkness meets light, blending elements of neo-futuristic sensibilities setting the mood of street-wear rebellious-meets-anime all in one! 

As futuristic as it may sound, the 38-piece collection doesn’t leave out its usual local Malaysian twist. For instance, they were inspired by the Japanese style woodblock carving printed on the East Coast Swing tee which features Mount Kinabalu instead of Mount Fuji.

From the bright holographic aesthetics visible on their logos to featuring an image of a kapcai scooter and a custom Nyonya print on their design silhouettes, Pestle & Mortar stays relevant and true to their localised aesthetics.

Feast your eyes by heading to Major Drop, Mid Valley or Sunway Pyramid to get your hands on ’em! You can also get the collection online at

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