This Malaysian Cartoonist Captures the Problems of Boyfriend Fashion

Boyfriend fashion. Also known as: stealing your man’s clothes and looking a hundred times cuter than him in it. It’s adorable, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish all at the same time! If only that were the case for everyone!

Malaysian cartoonist Fishball, well-known for her comical depictions of everyday couple life, illustrates why boyfriend fashion sometimes isn’t as easy to pull off as it seems.


Boyfriend fashion just involves wearing your boyfriend’s clothes. Such a cute concept, what could go wrong?


Roll up the cuffs of your boyfriend’s jeans for a flattering, loose leg that is both casual and chic!


Steal his sweater or hoodies for snuggy comfort! Bonus if it smells like him! Pair with tighter bottoms for a stylish look.

Such a great and easy style, right? There’s no way this can’t work. Right?

Except if you’re too small and he’s too big so you end up looking like a child playing dress up. #SmallGirlProblems



See more of Fishball’s work at her Facebook page.