This Malaysian Brand Features Down Syndrome Models For Their 2017 Raya Campaign And We Love It!

‘You are your own kind of beautiful’, Maqilla Boutique – A step at breaking the stereotypes.

With all the Raya collection campaigns out there, one particular brand stood out from the rest and it’s for the right reason! Maqilla Boutique took a different route with their Raya fashion collection by partnering with the Down Syndrome Association of Malaysia as part of their ‘giving back’ project.

The local brand aims to create awareness in society on Down Syndrome and to send a message that everyone is beautiful in their own way – hence their campaign slogan ‘You are your own kind of beautiful’.

The campaign features Paralympic athlete Siti Marina Frohlich alongside cute little, Khoh Hui Qi all clad in Maqilla’s Raya Basic Collection.

Photography: @maqilla_official

Photography: @maqilla_official

Photography: @maqilla_official

Photography: @maqilla_official

In an interview with The Star, Siti Marina expressed her excitement saying, “Everyone is beautiful on the inside, and I feel like I’m beautiful. It felt good (to model) and I was very happy.”

Meanwhile, Nur Aqilah and Wan Irmawati Idayu, co-founders of Maqilla both have loved ones with Down syndrome and so this sparked the amazing idea to this collaborative campaign to help the community.

Nur Aqilah told The Star that she and her partner wanted the society to really look at these special kids, look at them for the right things and not about how different they look.

“We want people to see their hidden talents, rather than look at their disabilities. They are all happy people who bring so much joy to the environment and people they work with,” she said.

Wan Irmawati also added that the campaign is important for them.

“It highlights the fact that beauty has no definition, that beauty can be possessed by anyone, regardless of who they are,

“By including these beautiful women in our ads, we are in fact normalising the idea that they are as much included in our society as anyone else,” she explained. Well said!

Want to do your part? It’s great to know that with every purchase from Maqilla’s Raya Basic Collection, the brand will donate RM10 to the Down Syndrome Association of Malaysia. Follow Maqilla on Instagram, @maqilla_boutique and Facebook, to know more. So get shopping guys!

Source: The Star

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