6 Ways to Wear High Heels Without Pain

All tips courtesy of a retired model and professional heel-wearer. Yes, it’s THAT legit.

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We think every woman has a love-hate relationship with high heels. They charm you at the store – it was love at first sight – and look absolutely gorgeous when you try them on. You buy them and slip them on the next time to go with your favourite dress; voila, your legs instantly look longer and leaner. A few hours later, your feet start to hurt.

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Yeah, you know what we mean. Well, if you’re a fan of high heels but hate how they sometimes kill your feet, retired model Marie Helvin has some top tips for you to survive in high heels for as long as the day/night needs it to, gleaned from her years of working in fashion (runways, red carpets, you name it!).

1. Test-walk with fabric plasters.

After you’ve purchased that lovely pair of stilettoes, try them out at home (yes, even if it’s in your PJs) so you can identify the areas of the shoe that hurt your feet.

Then, stick fabric plasters on the painful bits of your feet and briefly soak them in water before putting the heels back on and walking in them again.

This will help them mould and stretch over the expanded damp plaster area. The result? Those painful areas should no longer rub against your feet the next time you slip on those heels again.


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2. Do warm-ups

Standing in high heels for a whole day/night is pretty much a leg workout. So if you’ve got a long night ahead of you, Helvin recommends doing hamstring stretches and ankle rotations to prepare your legs for what’s coming. Additionally, you can even do it at the dinner table or under your desk and no one will notice!

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3. Spray on some deodorant!

To increase friction and prevent sweating, spray some deodorant on your feet. It will help reduce the chances of getting blisters.

Helvin’s other top tip when it comes to avoiding dreaded blisters? File away any rough edges inside your heels and coat them with a thin layer of Vaseline!

4. Use sellotape!

Not too steady when it comes to walking in high heels? If it’s close-toed shoes you’re wearing, try taping your third and fourth toes (counting from your big toe) together! This will help keep your foot muscles aligned, allowing the ball of your foot to be much steadier.

Psst… This trick will also help to alleviate pain in the ball of your foot.


Gallop court shoes, RM319, Topshop

5. Need more grip?

If your heels have been giving you problems because of its too-smooth sole, here’s Helvin’s tip: use a pair of scissors or a piece of sandpaper to roughen them up! She also shared that her girlfriends would also try using a cheap hairspray to get that extra grip.


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6. Oh, that blistering pain…

If you do develop blisters, try soaking your feet in a warm bath with Epsom salts for ten minutes. The salt will act as an antiseptic, killing bacteria and reducing your chances of developing an infection. It will also toughen up your skin!

Source: Daily Mail 

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