How-to: Striped Top for Day and Night

The number of ways to wear the fail-proof striped top? Infinity (and beyond)!

Striped tops (left) and olivia palermo in a striped fur jacket

Photography: Pinterest

Thank you, Coco Chanel for taking notice of the horizontal lines! She wasn’t the creator but she sure made it popular after she injected the look into her nautical collection in 1917. Coco was inspired by the French Navy’s uniform, which aptly includes the famous stripes (also known as the Breton top).

Coco Chanel in a the classic Breton top

Coco Chanel in the classic Breton top (Photography:

Since then, it boomed from every corner (and sleeve) of the world, quickly becoming a hot favourite among the young and the old. Likewise, we’d love to sport some striped top action and we’re definitely guilty of having one too many (and counting). Versatile yet classic, that’s what we love about ‘em!

Here are two ways you can play up the timeless trend for your day-to-night transition:


Breton top: Day


Day: This casual piece pairs easily with almost everything! Take it up a notch with a caramel-coloured leather skirt for added class and then juxtapose with a pair of grungy creepers. Finish with a cute pendant necklace for extra quirk.

Breton top: Night
Night: Bring the relaxed top to a whole new level with some killer flared leather pants for a dose of rocker-chic vibes. Then, break the monochromatic ensemble with a pair of bold strappy heels and a sparkly statement clutch.

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