Five Malaysian Personalities Featured in PUMA ‘Run The Streets’ Campaign

PUMA Malaysia has banded together five talented individuals from different backgrounds and talents to headline the brand’s local front of the global ‘Run the Streets’ campaign. The message is driven by the motivation to showcase and champion the desire to start somewhere, staying true to oneself and always persevere and pushing through no matter what. The project is also in line with PUMA’s sleek new release, IGNITE Limitless running sneakers.

The five hustlers are Rapper Aman Ra, B-boy Khenobu, dancer Orange, daredevil photographer Wee Loong and graffiti artist Kenji, all chosen for their embodiment of the campaign’s spirit and owning what they do in their respective fields,

The global campaign is fronted by ‘Starboy’ singer, The Weeknd, which speaks to go-getters who are driven by their instincts, live and hustle towards life in full speed.


“When I’m on stage, my purpose is to watch the crowd ignite. I was born to do this and I’m gonna die doing this.”


“I dance because I see others smile when they watch me. That motivates me to continue doing what I love. Ignite your dreams by never being afraid of trying. Whether it’s one person or a crowd, people stop and watch you. Why not give them a show to remember?”


“I am free. I am limitless and I am the happiest I could ever be because each day I wake up, I get to do what love doing the most. Dance”.


Known for his daredevil photography and marriage proposal that went viral. Wee Leong captured history in the making as life & time constantly move and evolve, but through still images, it captures the unchanging moment.


“We don’t have to change people’s perception of the art. We are here to express what we need to express and people to accept it. I only need one person to accept me and that is enough for me to continue doing what I love.”

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