Fashion Myth Busters

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If you’ve always wanted to be a rebel and break the rules, now’s the time for you to shine. We round up the top clothing commandments that are worth debunking, taking them from style don’ts to do-it-right-now. We won’t call the fashion police on you, we promise.


Myth: Kitten heels are for the elderly


Yes, we thought that the teeny-tiny heels were for women over 60 too. That is, of course, until we saw the Gucci leather cherry pumps and Dior’s slingback pumps on this season’s runway. Kitten heels are back and we are not the least surprised. With comfy footwear making a comeback (remember the Birkenstock fad?), we’re glad a practical and slightly more polished style is taking over. Whether you’re conveniently running from meeting to meeting or needing a sophisticated touch to your weekend ensemble, a pair of low-heeled pump is the purrfect choice. #sorrynotsorry

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