DVF Welcomes Nathan Jenden As New Chief Design Officer

One question lingered in the air after Jonathan Saunders resignation as the chief design officer, after only an 18 month-stint in the post, for Diane Von Furstenberg last December – ‘Who’s going to replace him?’

Today, DVF announced the return of Nathan Jenden as the new Chief Design Officer and Vice President, Creative. Nathan previously worked with DVF for a decade until 2011.

‘It is with joy and pride that I look forward to welcoming Nathan back at DVF. Nathan is an extremely talented and technically skilful designer who also has a great gift for surrounding himself with young, emerging talent. He totally embraces the DVF woman and the brand enjoyed its greatest commercial success during his tenure’, says Diane von Furstenberg, Founder of DVF.

Diane and Nathan closing the Spring/Summer 2009 Ready-to-wear show | Image: firstVIEW

Nathan left to work for his namesake brand and most recently as the creative director for Bebe before this new appointment. After his long hiatus from DVF, he’snow happy to come back to his former familiar playground. But he’ll have an extremely busy schedule ahead seeing his first collection is due next month in February for Autumn/Winter 2018. We can’t wait to see it!

‘The fundamental essence of DVF that Diane created is an identity that has empowered women everywhere, delivering accessible style, confidence, independence and a sense of self-worth. Diane delivers that message not only through fashion but in her approach to life, her love of art, culture, diversity and philanthropy.’ said Nathan Jenden.

‘I see DVF as being more relevant today than it ever was in its message of self-empowerment while being dynamic and modern. I want to give the DVF girl what she wants when she wants it, and with the joie de vivre and sense of purpose that epitomizes Diane, DVF the brand and the spirit of women today. And most importantly of all I want to make great clothes that resonate with women,’ he added.



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