Complement Your Handbag With These Bag Essentials Before They Sell Out!

Your favourite local brand Sometime By Asian Designers is giving you uber cute bag treats!

Tell me, most of you probably own a bag by Sometime By Asian Designers right? or perhaps you’ve stored a couple of their bags in that shopping cart and just itching to click buy when pay day comes in? Either way, we’re all a fan of their bags. Besides giving us exciting arm candies every time from their designer collaborations, they are now offering us more than that!

Inspired by the unglorified little practical things that we use in our everyday handbags, Sometime By Asian Designers has come up with their own new stylish yet practical collection called The Iconic Essentials. They’re essentially the functional bag accessories that tend to go unnoticed but keeps our life organized.

“We wanted to find ways on how we can make these items outstanding and special. It has to make these items prominent, highlighting the importance of it in our daily lives. At the same time, it has to complement and enhance the personality that carries the items.” said Stan Chooi, Co-Founder and CEO of Sometime by Asian Designers.

They’ve designed eight different accessories like key ring, key/card holder, name card holder, wristlet, passport sleeves, laptop sleeve, satchel and crossbody bag. The collection, available in nine colours, are made with premium synthetic leather that is said to be at par and could last as long or more than genuine leather.

That’s not all! With personalisation being a fad in the fashion industry, you can add some personal touch on each item with your name on it.  Using imported gold, silver, and various other coloured foils, they’ll stamp anything you want with a maximum number of 10 characters. How cool is that?

You can already start to pre-order the products today as the esmoon crossbody bag will go on sale on the 27th of July, 11am!

The rest of the collection will be released gradually by the end of this month.The price of the items ranges from RM59 to RM189. If you want to personalise it, add another RM39.

Hurry on now to and get buying cos stocks are limited and you know they sell out like hot-pancakes!






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