Coach’s Latest Collection Is Delightfully Out Of This World

“Provide me with ships and proper sails for the celestial atmosphere,” wrote the astronomer Johannes Kepler in a letter to Galileo Galilei in 1609. “And there will be those there, too, who are unafraid to sail the great void of space.”

Much like his discovery of elliptical orbits, Kepler’s predictions of space exploration turned out to be correct. Four centuries later, humans have successfully landed on the moon, sent probes to planets, and captured snapshots of the billions of other galaxies in the universe. A large space station, where astronauts can live and work, now orbits around the Earth. Billionaires like Elon Musk and Richard Branson one day hope to travel to and colonise Mars.

But for all this remarkable progress, no other time has captured the public’s imagination and embodied this spirit of discovery, adventure and scientific progress more than NASA’s early days of space exploration in the lead up to the first moon landing.

Inspired by American dreamers and explorers past and present, Coach has launched a limited-edition capsule collection – Coach Space.

The collection of ready-to-wear apparel, bags, and unisex accessories references the nostalgia of American space exploration, and pays homage to NASA’s spirit of adventure and awe-inspiring feats.

“The collection is very nostalgic,” comments Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers. “There’s something about the time of the Space Program that just gives this feeling of possibility. The space references, rockets and planets are symbolic of a moment of ultimate American optimism and togetherness.”

True to form, the vintage-style bags, bomber and varsity jackets are emblazoned with NASA-inspired logos and other symbols of infinite possibility. Here are some of our favourites:

The iconic Dinky Bag is now embellished with stars, rivets and embossed NASA-inspired logos.

Apollo rockets and customized leather patches add a playful element to the Rogue Tote.

Rexy the Coach Dino makes an adorable appearance on t-shirts and clutches, boasting an astronaut helmet and jetpack.

The collection introduces an all-new silhoutte– League Backpack, a throwback to 80s school bags. Combining craftsmanship and utility, these styles are perfect for explorers and fearless travellers.

Shop the rest of the collection in all Coach stores nation-wide and online, with a special pop-up store at Pavilion KL until the end of May 2017.