Coach Definitely Wants Us To “Bring On The Joy”

Just from the look and feel of this campaign is making us excited for the holidays already. It makes us yearn for an adventure and crave for something as vivid as this world Coach has created. Directed by Warren Fu, the short film started as a black & white film where a girl, model Selena Sloan, who is then transported into a 24-hour party filled with colours, the 70’s feels, tons of shimmer and last but not least, the true spirit of the holidays.


The latest collection featured throughout the whole film had the newest version to their ‘Dinky bag’ crafted specially for the holidays with its quilted nappa and metallic leathers. A crowd favourite, the beloved dinosaur Rexy, made its comeback along with its pal, Sharky and the whimsical, magical unicorn named Uni marking this the newest addition to the Coach mascots family. Call it adorable but we’re thinking that these gifts are perfect for the upcoming holidays for our loved ones. Imagine donning Rexy on a sweatshirt – can you sense the Christmas vibes coming your way?

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