When Art Meets Fashion For M/M Paris x Lacoste

Graphic designers rejoice!

There’s nothing better than eyeing on a collection with a blend of well known graphic designers with none other than Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag. Better known as  M/M Paris. If you’re not familiar with the name of this powerful duo, they are the official graphic designers for big artists like Björk, Jean-Louis Murat and Etienne Daho. They’ve even work alongside Jonathon Anderson for Loewe and on the JW Anderson brand itself.

With an epic clientele list in the industry, we wouldn’t be surprised that this collaboration was what Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Lacoste’s artistic director dreamt about. Staying true to the essence of the brand, the classic colours of white, navy, red, sky blue and flamingo pink was featured throughout on each garment with the latest design to the iconic “LACOSTE” wording on it. The representation of the design was outlined geometrically to fully compose the name of the brand. The alligator element still remains throughout with a modern twist; the letter ‘L’ to symbolize the tail while the letter ‘E’ represents its open mouth. This replaces the standard placement of the logo to the middle of the apparels to show off the re brand of the embroidered logo.

Not only that, a limited edition to this collection is unique on its own as well. The designer duo created a “days of the week” version of the iconic unisex polo: 7 letters = 7 polo t-shirts to spell out the fashion brand. We think this is the freshest collaboration we’ve ever seen coming from a brand like Lacoste. Not to forget: for all the tennis players out there, we think their alligator shaped tennis bag is adorable and it’s perfectly made for you too! Take a peek below at our favourites from the collection:

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