6 Tricks To Upgrade Your Old Jacket!

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Do you still have your old denim jacket hanging in the back in your closet? Or a leather jacket you just bought from a thrift store? Take ‘em out – it’s time for a revamp!

We’ve been noticing cool DIY jackets inspired by street style fresh from the hearts of New York and London. If you’re in, take a look at these 6 tips to upgrade and get your own customized jacket!


If you’re feeling artsy and bored of your canvas as a painting medium, try to painting on your plain jacket. All you need are a set of acrylic paints and creative ideas! Create your own drawing or get an artist-inspired painting on paper before unleashing your creativity on the jacket.


Who said embroidery is old-fashioned? It’s been making quite a comeback in recent runway collections and it’s even cooler than before. Our favourite pattern is natural elements like these florals. Ditch that embroidery hoop and do it on your jacket!


Feeling poetic? Put your favourite phrase or quote on your old jacket! Try a screen printing process, or simply paint ‘em. Your jacket will look better than ever.


If you’re into the whole punk and biker aesthetic, embrace the stud life. Metallic studs work well with leather jackets, especially black ones. Sew or glue them on to collars, sleeves, shoulders, or even the whole jacket!

Badges & Patches

Add your own personal stamp to your denim with retro-inspired patches and badges. You can keep it subtle or vice versa with sew-on or pinnable badges to achieve a sartorial statement. It’s also super easy– just iron, sew, or simply pin on your adornments.


You can also put your favourite print on your jacket. Sew it on or simply attach it with a safety pin for a messy cool look.


Which DIY trick is your favourite? Try it now, cause a little update can make a big difference!

Text by Ivanka Wu.