5 Facts About Bvlgari’s New Ambassador, Kōki

What you need to know about Bvlgari’s 15-year-old ambassador.

Bvlgari has a new ambassador and she’s going to shake things up in the fashion scene. Joining the star-studded Bvlgari family like Lady Kitty Spencer and Bella Hadid, Bvlgari welcomes Japanese model and songwriter, Kōki.

At only 15 years old, Kōki reigns as the brand’s youngest ambassador as well the first from Japan.

“I am very happy to become an ambassador for Bvlgari, Italy’s ultimate global jeweller. My dream is to become a model who can captivate audiences by portraying a wide range of characters. I realize that this is not a dream that is easily achieved. But as a member of the Bvlgari family who warmly welcomed me, I will boldly open the doors to this dream and continue rising up to the challenge.” said the young starlet.

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Kōki has a one-of-a-kind charisma and fresh appeal that drew the brand to appoint her the role.  She’s definitely a style icon for the new generation as she possesses both outer an inner beauty backed by a strong will, making her the perfect embodiment of Bvlgari’s pioneering spirit.

With over one million followers on Instagram, Kōki is a rising star that we’re surely going to keep an eye out for in the coming months. So here are some fun facts about Kōki, for a little introduction.

1. Kōki’s real name is Mitsuki Kimura.

2. She’s the daughter of Takuya Kimura, a former member of a very popular Japanese boy band, SMAP and Shizuka Kudo, a Japanese singer.

3. ‘Growing up in a family accomplished in music and the arts, Kōki developed deep sensitivity and a keen aesthetic sense. She studied flute and piano from a young age, and her musical talent is now blossoming as a songwriter. At the same time, she is working towards a new dream of becoming a top model.’

4. She made her modelling debut as the cover girl for Elle Japan’s July 2018 issue.

5. After appearing on Elle Japan’s cover, her name and her parent’s name became the most searched thing on the internet in Japan.

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