5 Amazing Fashion Pieces To Come Out Of GE14

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It’s been a tense election, but now that things are starting to settle down and take shape, I’ve been breathing a little easier and indulging in a little light-hearted entertainment– like admiring how old campaign flags and banners get new life in the form of clothes!

“You should write about this,” a friend – who has never been short of ideas to put on FEMALE’s website – suggested helpfully, as I sent the group chat a barrage of links.

And so I did. Here are the most amazing pieces repurposed from old campaign material, with commentary from our very own Fashion Writer Amalina!

1. PKR Gown Guy

We’re starting off strong with our favourite entry of the bunch. This elaborate gown had us floored by the sheer complexity of its construction and amazing model! Also notable is how the flags have been repurposed and aligned to form a coherent pattern. And there’s no beating that fabulous runway-ready catwalk.

Amalina says:

“Whoa. There’s so much drama and the turban is very Marc Jacobs SS18.”

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