4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying Another Piece Of Clothing

In the age of fast fashion and booming online fashion marketplaces like Zalora, it’s never been so easy to shop for clothes. It’s all too easy to fill your closet to the brim with every piece of clothing you could dream of. That cut-out bodycon dress? Done. That ombre mermaid-tail maxi skirt? Already in your cart. How about that kaftan while you’re at it? You never know when you’ll be hitting the beach. Done, added to cart.

But a full wardrobe can easily mean an empty wallet and more clutter than you know what to do with. To get around this, the key is to shop more mindfully and look for quality over quantity. Sounds easy, but how?

French fashion designer Justine Leconte has a pretty fool-proof method and all you have to do is ask yourself four questions the next time you’re deliberating over a new pretty thing on the rack. 

1. Does the piece match at least half of the items already in my wardrobe?

This is especially important if you’re trying to put together a capsule closet. There’s no point in splurging on an item if you’ll only be able to wear it in a single way.

2. Will I want (and be able) to wear this piece for 10 years?

Think classic over fads. If you’re spending on quality, you’re going to want to get the most use out of it. Which means you’ll want to wear it for years, not just one season. There’s a reason why classic style has remained classic and unchanging over the years!

3. Is it high quality enough to be washed and worn 50 times?

You don’t want it losing its shape or colour after just a few washes, which is what cheaply-made garments tend to do. It’s worth paying more for an item that you know is going to hold up well and still look great after being worn a number of times.

4. Do I still want it after 24 hours?

This is Justine’s trick to avoid impulse and irrational purchases. Go home without buying it, wait 24 hours, and see how you feel then. Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new purchase when the shiny new thing is dangling in front of you at the store.  If you really still want it after 24 hours away, then go and get it.

Good luck, and stay mindful!