How To Shrink Or Stretch Your Favourite Jeans For The Perfect Fit!

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Whether your favourite pair of jeans have gotten looser from wear or is a tad bit tight around the waist from all that midnight drive-thrus’ we may have a solution for you. If you’re now on a budget want to wear your jeans with comfort why not scroll through our list of what you can do at home to shrink or stretch out your blues. It’s also a perfect DIY project to do for when you find a really nice denim at the thrift shop but in need of some size adjustments.



1. Increase heat of your washer and dryer

Wash your jeans using your normal washing cycle but put the water temperature high. The hot water and all the churning inside the washer will help to contract the fibres of the jeans. Use your everyday detergent and softener as per usual as it’ll help keep the jeans soft after it has shrunk.


2. Spot Shrinking

Our body isn’t built the same way with everybody so sometimes jeans can fit perfectly on your legs but a bit loose on the waist or bum area. Instead of shrinking the whole garment, try focusing on your problem area. Mix three parts hot water and one part softener into a spray bottle and give the bottle a good shake. Spray the area you want to fix making sure to soak it well. Throw the jeans in the dryer, set it to the highest temperature and watch the magic happen. Air drying won’t work in this case.

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