Watch Yuna’s Hypnotic New Music Video for ‘Lanes’

Yuna is fed up with love in this new tune.


When Yuna released her first single ‘Crush’, everybody went bonkers. The soft sweet tune featuring R&B superstar Usher were played everywhere, from the radio to the clubs. This time the singer-songwriter released her latest offering ‘Lanes’ off her newly released album ‘Chapters’.

Dipping into the contemporary R&B genre, the track is inspired by ’90’s R&B and it’s so heartbreaking. The music video is filmed in reverse as it tells a personal story of love and betrayal, something Yuna experienced personally. “It’s a story about what heartbreak looks like… It’s also a reflection of my past relationship,” Yuna explains.

Sounded wounded and exposed, “If this is love, I don’t want it/ If this is love, you can keep it/ You call this love, and don’t respect it/ If this is love, why am I hurting?” the visual complemented nicely to the tune with its reverse visual that’ll leave you to wonder on what did Yuna’s ex beau do to make her so upset. Watch the hypnotic video below to find out why:

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