Watch Taylor Swift Turn Into A Zombie

Because an undead Taylor Swift is something we all wanted to see.

The music video for Taylor Swift’s recently released single Look What You Made Me Do was full of striking, vivid imagery unlike anything she’s done before. But no scene stood out too us as much as Taylor as a zombie crawling out of her grave!

With perfectly contoured skeletal cheekbones, stringy hair, and piercing blue eyes, the dirt covered Zombie!Taylor was as classic a zombie as they come!

And now Taylor’s giving everyone a behind-the-scenes peek at  her zombie transformation. So how did she go from willowy blonde superstar to shambling reanimated corpse?

With a healthy helping of prosthetics, body paint, makeup, and zombie dirt apparently!

“It’s called straight-up dead,” says Taylor, describing her new look. “When you look this gross, you have no physical insecurities at all. I encourage everyone to look like a corpse at least once.”

Well, good news Taylor– everyone is going to look like that once.

Watch the full transformation video below.