The Unsung Heroes of Malaysia You Need to Know

Remember their names 

Malaysians know their heroes. We’ve seen the ones we know in the newspapers, online, and even the news… But what about the unsung heroes that’s not stated in the textbooks? Here are some of the unsung Malaysian heroes you need to know that helped built Malaysia as how it is today.

Aishah Ghani, The Lady Merdeka


Photo: Wikipedia

When it comes to Malaysia’s Independence Day, Tunku Abdul Rahman’s iconic Merdeka stance will pop up in a lot of Malaysians minds as a symbol of our independence from the British colonization. But little did you know that there was a strong woman behind himto gain independence for our country. Come Tan Sri Datin Paduka Seri Dr. Aishah binti Ghani who had served as the Minister of Social Welfare Malaysia and the Head of Wanita UMNO in the 70’s until mid 80’s.

Passed away in year 2013, this iron woman had served actively in Malaysian politics especially when it comes to woman’s rights. Aishah’s involvement in politics began when she led Angkatan Wanita Sedar (AWAS), the women’s wing of Malay Nationalist Party (PKMM) in 1945. The party was then banned by the government in 1948, and then she rallied along several other politicians and civilians for independence.

Had worked as a journalist for Pelita Malaya and Berita Harian at the side, Aishah was the first woman in Malaysia to be a senator and to represent Malaysia to the General Assembly of the United Nations Oganisation. Thanks to her, she had open several doors for women to enter Malaysian politics.
Datuk Ooi Eow Jin, Malaysia’s Forgotten Music Man

Photo: Stacy Liu/

Photo: Stacy Liu/

Allahyarham Sudirman has and still is one of Malaysia’s most prolific singer in our country. But without the help of composer, Datuk Ooi Eow Jin, nothing would be possible. Musical legend in his own right, this unsung hero helped launched Sudirman’s career to stardom by composing his single ‘Teriring Doa’.
He has also led the RTM Orchestra, and worked with Malaysia’s greatest legend who is none other than Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee.

At 78 and now suffering with Alzheimer’s, the musician had just received his long overdue Datukship from the Penang state last year. Still relevant until this day, his song ‘Gerimis Di Lautan’ sung by Sudirman is still played everywhere until this day.

The Amazing Para-athletes #KamiLuarBiasa 

If you’ve been keeping in touch with the Malaysian news lately, three of our Paralympic athletes had won the heart of Malaysians and the world with their record breaking achievements.

It first started off when Mohamad Ridzuan Puzi being the first athlete from Malaysia to win the Gold medal by clocking 12.07 seconds in the 100m run. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, his win made ‘Negaraku’ being played in Rio, Brazil for the first time ever in history.

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Mohamad Ridzuan Puzi/Reuters

Come Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli, another Gold medallist who not only won in the Men’s F20 Shot Put event, but he had marked a new World Record. Suffered from intellectual impairment since pre-school, Ziyad managed to hurdle his winning shot at a distance of 16.84 metres, overtaking the previous world record of 16.29 metres set by Todd Hodgetts of Australia at the London Paralympics in 2012.

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli/Reuters

Think we’re done? Not just yet, another proud paralympic athlete of ours continued to make the whole nation proud as long jumper Abdul Latif Romly delivered Malaysia’s third gold medal in Rio last weekend. He broke his own record three times to winning the men’s long jump T20 (intellectual disability)! He broke the record with the leap of 7.47 metres, erasing the former record of 7.35m which he himself achieved at the World Championships in Doha last year!

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Abdul Latif Romly/Reuters

Will our paralympic athletes win another gold medal for us again? We’re not so sure. But we’re hoping runner Siti Noor Iasah Mohamad Ariffin to bring back another gold as she recently set a new Asian record for the qualifying round of the women’s 400m in the T20 (intellectual disability) category last night!

Photo: Reuters

Photo: iti Noor Iasah Mohamad Ariffin/Reuters

The T2 400m final will be held tonight, win or lose, she’ll still make us proud!

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