The Only 2 Reasons You Need To Watch ‘Young Sheldon’

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To all The Big Bang Theory fans, forget everything you think you know about Sheldon Cooper cos this is going to change everything!

I’ve watched every episode of The Big Bang Theory from when it first premiered in 2007 till the season 10 finale which aired earlier this year; hence why when news about a Sheldon spin-off made headlines back in March, I was excited but also curious on how the producers are going to make it work.

What will this new series be about? Will Iain Armitage (who aced his role as Ziggy in the EMMY-winning short series Big Little Lies) be able to do justice to the iconic character we all love to hate? Is this just another unnecessary show that’ll most likely get cancelled after one season? Most importantly, will I like it?

After having the chance to watch the pilot episode ahead of it’s premiere date, I can vouch that Young Sheldon is going to be my new favourite show!

1. Jim Parsons will be in it

According to IMDB, Jim Parsons (who plays the adult Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory) will not only serve as an Executive Producer for the new series, he’ll also be lending his voice as the narrator for the show. Given that the theme of this show is about a nine-year-old Sheldon and his life in West Texas circa-1989, I’ve been dying to find out how older-Sheldon’s voice will fit into it.

Having already watched the first episode, all I can say is, if you’re a longtime fan like me, hearing Jim’s recognisable voice just makes the new show all the more familiar and comforting. The producers kept Sheldon’s humour and sarcasm throughout and there were even a couple of times where I found myself laughing out loud at the things he said.

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