The ‘Billion Dollar Whale’ Movie Will Be Co-Produced By… Michelle Yeoh

There probably aren’t many who haven’t  had one book on their minds lately: Billion Dollar Whale, the exposé by Wall Street Journal reporters Tom Wright and Bradley Hope on Jho Low and the 1MDB scandal.

And if you’ve ever paused to think that the entire case sounds like something right out of a Hollywood blockbuster (except worse, of course, because real Malaysians have suffered from this), you wouldn’t be alone.

Ivanhoe Pictures, the same company that produced Crazy Rich Asians, have purchased film rights to the book in order to turn it into a movie. And that’s not all: one of the producers is none other than our very own Michelle Yeoh!

“Iconic actor-producer Michelle Yeoh, who recently pacted with Ivanhoe Pictures, will also produce the project under her new deal with the company,” said a statement dated yesterday, reports Malaysiakini.

Oh boy. We can’t wait.

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