What We Liked And Didn’t Like About The Movie ‘Mr.Right’

What sounds good for a mid-week break? Well, we think an action-comedy-romcom starring Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell sounds about right. 


One of our favourite funny women Anna Kendrick (star of hit films Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect 2 and Into The Woods, to name a few) teams up with on-screen love interest Sam Rockwell to form one of recent cinema’s kookiest couples, in our opinion.

Watch the trailer below if you don’t believe us cause we think you’ll be running to buy your tickets once you’re done reading this.

FEMALE got a first-hand look at the action-romcom and here’s what we thought about the film!

Mr Right hits cinemas on 14th April 2016.

Photos: TGV Cinemas



1. It’s a whole lot of fun!

The film did not hold back with zany plot lines, fast-paced sequences and outrageous characters. Besides the leading lovebirds, there’s Hopper, a British assassin and one of the film’s villains, and a mob of power-driven gangsters. Mr Right’s characters could almost be part of a circus troupe, what with antics such as knife-throwing, bullet-dodging, cake-splattering and juggling, to name a few.


2. The chemistry between Martha and Mr Right

It’s undeniable that Anna and Sam’s characters complement each other well. With him sporting a red clown nose as he carries out his hits and her in fuzzy, black cat ears, they make an oddly endearing couple. We can’t help but root for them throughout the movie, despite the fact that Mr Right holds quite an unconventional profession, making it initially difficult for Martha to accept.


3. Sam’s smooth moves

Whether he’s killing his targets or wooing his love interest, Sam doesn’t disappoint with his fancy footwork, roguish charm and deadpan humour. He’s a brutally-honest character, concealing almost nothing (besides his name!) to Martha. Despite his rather callous way of claiming justice, he’s so charming that we almost forget what he does for a living!


1. We wish we could learn more about Martha and Mr Right

Anna Kendrick is usually lovable in the roles she plays, like Pitch Perfect’s cool-girl-with-a-soft-heart Beca. She’s also usually lovable as herself, as evidenced on her popular Twitter page. Whilst Martha exhibits some of the quirky mannerisms we’d expect of Anna, it seems almost as if the audience doesn’t get to see enough of her or learn about her background as character development is often shadowed by action sequences. The same goes for the eccentric Mr Right.


2. It’s a little bit bloody

Warning: for those of you who tend to cringe at blood, you might want to stay away. Whilst the film doesn’t exactly reach a Game Of Thrones level of gore, the characters don’t exactly get away scratch-free. There’s plenty of gunfire, knife-stabbing and even a cat scratch or two.


3. Some parts felt inconclusive

We won’t spoil it too much for you, but the film leaves a few questions hanging even after the credit roll. However, if you’re a fan of a little mystery or hoping for a sequel, this shouldn’t bother you too much.

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