Team FEMALE Picks The Hottest Players Of The World Cup Quarter Finals

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If we had to support a team based on looks, here’s who we’d want to win the World Cup!

After weeks of group stages and shocking upsets, we finally have the FIFA World Cup quarter finals line-up all ready to go! With a number of favourites out (we miss you already, Germany and Spain), it’s time to console ourselves by indulging in a little football fun.

We are a women’s magazine, but that doesn’t mean we’re taking the shallow route out to watch at the players rather than the game! Of course we watch the beautiful game for the sport, but there’s no harm indulging in a little eye candy.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here’s who Team FEMALE thinks you should be watching!

1. Jesse Lingard, 25, England

“With that really adorable smile, Jesse Lingard is a cutie for sure! When England won against Columbia in the quarter-finals recently, he made a call to his mum on the field telling her he’s not coming home so soon because England is still in the game. Awww so sweet! Jesse loves his mum and you know what they say, how a man treats his mother is a good indication of how he’ll treat his women. Besides that, he also loves giving back to the community as seen here and here.”

–  Alya, Web Writer

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