Take A Look Inside Yuna’s Los Angeles Apartment

I’ve always loved house tours and seeing the insides of other peoples’ homes. You feel like you can really get to know a person through how they choose to fill their homes. So when I found out that Yuna had done a house tour (in VR!) of her Los Angeles apartment with Refinery29, I knew I had to watch it straight away!

When she’s not in her hometown of KL, the singer-songwriter and self-described homebody spends most of her time in Los Angeles. And her 1,400 square foot apartment, which she shares with her husband Adam Sinclair, looks almost exactly as we’d expect: sunny, down-to-earth, full of character, and lush with plants!

Here are a few things we noticed and loved about Yuna’s crib!

1. Her piano

Photo: Yuna / Instagram

This is the piano where Yuna does all her song-writing, and I had no idea it was actually a gift from an old friend!

2. Her “blush pink” bathroom

Yuna’s bathroom tiles are a super chic shade of blush pink – think the famous millennial pink but warmer – which she says is her absolute favourite colour.

3. Her DIY makeup storage solution

What looks like a quirky decorative piece is actually a storage shelf made from recycled wooden crates! Yuna says she needed the space to store all her makeup which is a problem we totally identify with,

4. Her plants!

Photo: Yuna / Instagram

Given Yuna’s love for gardening and plants, it’s not surprising to see that her space, from her bathroom to her bedroom and kitchen,  is filled with houseplants! All the greenery also helps set the mood to bring out her creativity, she says.

Yuna’s entire apartment inspires her to be creative and is a pretty good reflection of her as a person, she says. And we agree! Take the tour yourself with the video below: