Miss Universe Malaysia’s National Costume For 2017 Is Nasi Lemak

2017 is the year of nasi lemak.

McDonald’s Singapore may put a nasi lemak burger on their menus, but we bet they’ve never put it on a beauty queen! (Or a condom, for that matter.)

That’s exactly what happened here earlier today at the official unveiling of the Miss Universe Malaysia national costume for the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in November. Reigning Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha Katie James walked out in a ivory silk gown, embroidered with all the nasi lemak garnishings you’d expect: sambal, ikan bilis, a sliced hard-boiled egg, and even a few slices of cucumber! To top it all off, the costume also comes complete with green wings to represent the banana leaf wrappings of nasi lemak bungkus!

“The Nasi Lemak” national costume of Miss Universe Malaysia 2017. #missuniversemalaysia2017

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Here’s a closer look at the detail on that amazing gown, which took 400 hours of meticulous hand-embroidering.

Samantha also showed off the slinky, crystal-bedazzled, blood-red gown she’ll be wearing for the evening gown segment of the pageant.

Both gowns are the work of designer Brian Khoo, who has been teasing elements of the gowns on his Instagram account over the past few days. We’re sure nobody saw this coming, but now we’re wondering why this hasn’t happened sooner. Go nasi lemak!

Well, the national costume segment of the pageant is known to be beautifully extravagant and bizarre, so our nasi lemak dress is quite the perfect fit! Just like Kiran Jassal’s stunning Twin Towers outfit of last year, we can’t wait to see Samantha strut the nasi lemak gown on the global stage later next month!

Miss Universe 2017 will be held in Las Vegas on November 26.