Malaysians Have Listened To 1.4 Billion Hours Of K-Pop On Spotify

It’s hard to remember a time without Spotify, but the music-streaming app has actually only been around for 5 years! And what a wonderful 5 years it’s been.

When Spotify was introduced in Malaysia back in 2013, it changed the way many of us listened to music. Gone were the iPods, the CDs and USB sticks filled with downloaded tracks– and all anyone needed was the Spotify app. And being completely free-to-use,  illegal music downloads were no longer a thing.

Today, we Malaysians spend an average of 148 minutes a day on Spotify. And while we love a range of genres from pop to jazz and EDM, there’s one genre that’s captured our hearts. Can you guess what is is?

It’s K-pop! Since the launch of Spotify, Malaysian users have streamed more than 1.4 billion hours of K-Pop tracks. The genre has been a sensation globally as well– since Spotify launched their K-pop genre hub in 2015, more than 6.6 billion K-Pop tracks have been streamed globally!

Take a look at more Malaysian listening habits below and let us know if this looks like your own Spotify experience!

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